Summer Is On The Way

summer 2It is already May and the school year is winding down quickly.  My eleven year old alerted me this morning that he has exactly fifteen days left of school this year.  I didn’t even know he was counting!  Right away the panic set in – Goodness, I have forgotten to plan for his summer break!

My youngest son has autism and the lack of a formal structure can wreak havoc on his siblings and our overall home life during the summer.  So, I began searching for helpful resources to get me started and found a pretty inclusive blog about Preparing Children with Autism for Summer.  It talks about preparing ahead of time; creating schedules for children at home, and includes some great practical advice on crafting a little structure while having fun.  I hope as you plan and prepare for your child’s summer break from school that you will find this resource helpful.

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) website also has community accessibility resources about the process at the airport, visiting the library, and going to the doctor that are geared especially for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  TAP also maintains a large collection of resources to provide information about autism as well as a number of tips and tools available online and at your local TAP Network Service Provider.  Housed in the Family and Community Resource Room at each center, are books, materials, and visuals that can be borrowed for free by parents, educators and community members.  Staff will even help you to customize a visual schedule for your own child’s needs! natural viagra spider bite

I also urge you to sign up for our monthly TAPPEDin parent newsletter.  In the next issue, coming out before month’s end, we will feature lots of links, tips and information around all kinds of summer topics to help you prepare to have a great summer with your child! zithromax tablets uses

In addition, The Autism Daily Newscast is running a series on Autism and Preparing for Summer.  Autism Speaks provides Travel Tips that can also help you plan for road trips or a family vacation.  Don’t forget to be mindful of summer safety.  Utilize these safety and wandering prevention resources as well.   If you know of other helpful sources of information on getting ready for summer vacation with your child on the spectrum, let us know!  My email is below and I’d love to hear from parents!

Mary Pelich, M.S.
TAP Network Coordinator

Mary is the mother of four, including an 11 year old son with ASD.  Each first Friday of the month the TAP blog will feature a post written by Mary, or another parent or sibling of a person with ASD as our “Family Focus First Friday” series.  If you are a parent or family member of a person with ASD and would like to write a blog post, email Mary at .

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